A YMCA membership is more powerful than ever before

The Y is transforming membership to transform lives. We are proud to offer flexible membership options for every person and family designed to help your staff live their safest and healthiest life. Find motivation, support, and community connections at the Y.

In addition to accessing all YMCA centers in Greater Pittsburgh and all the programs that they will love, the membership of your staff will now give you the power to help those in our community who need the Y most.


In many of our communities, Ys are stepping up to provide solutions to the needs created by the pandemic. From connecting those feeling isolated to collecting and distributing meals to providing essential childcare to supporting neighbors experiencing homelessness, Ys are helping our friends, families and neighbors. We promise to continue to listen to those we serve, remain flexible and be responsive to what our communities need.

To support these promises, our teams have worked to implement numerous protocols and procedures that provide the safest experience possible-and we won’t stop. The health and safety of those we serve and our communities at large remain our greatest priority and are the central focus of our operations and staff teams, especially as COVID-19 infections rise.

Discover what the work the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh is doing here.


  • At the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh we are maintaining aggressive cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout our facilities.
  • We are adhering to social distancing guidelines and have adjusted our facilities to ensure social distancing is possible at all times.
  • We are providing readily available hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations.
  • We are training all our employees on the policies and procedures we have implemented to create the safest experience possible. 
  • We are requiring masks and using personal protective equipment.
  • We are available to speak with you directly about any questions or concerns.
  • We will continue to provide a welcoming and inclusive community, now enhanced with new safety protocols and procedures.

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