Personal Training


Designed to Meet You Where You Are

We all need that little extra push when it comes to fitness, and a personal trainer can provide the motivation you need to get and stay healthy. Personal training will help you stay in shape, whether you are new to exercise or tired of the same boring routine.

Like you, Personal Trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and experience.

At the Y, Personal Trainers have at least one thing in common—they have and maintain certification through at least one national health and fitness organization. In addition to national certifications, many trainers have special areas of expertise—like Barre, Kettlebells and TRX—that require additional (and often intensive) training.

What does this mean for you? That means that regardless of your healthy living goals or level of fitness expertise, you are in great hands. Our trainers will sit down and discuss what you hope to achieve through personal training at the YMCA, devise an overall healthy living plan and help you construct the best methods for success!

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Enjoy one on one personal training options, partner training or group fitness complete with individual packages or 3-month plans – perfect for every level
  • You will meet with a Personal Trainer and assess what you hope to get out of your personal training experience
  • Get a tailored plan to stay motivated and reach your fitness, nutrition and wellness goals.



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This fall, challenge yourself with our new Small Group Training Offerings including Kettlebell & Bosu, Women on Weights, and so much more. View the descriptions below and find the program to help you reach your healthy living goals this fall at the YMCA.




Three, 45-minute Sessions with a YMCA Nutrition Coach/Trainer, Food Journal, 2-month access to Facebook accountability and Nutrition Coaching and Support Group, and Trainer/Coach-led workshops may offered weekly online or in-person.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is one’s eating habits. Did you know that weight loss, on average,
consists of 70% diet and 30% exercise? That means what you eat has a significant impact on your health!
Individuals should understand both what foods they are eating and how these foods affect their overall health and well-being.
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh offers Nutrition Coaching to provide education and support for those seeking to make changes
in their eating habits for the sake of their long-term health. Learn to incorporate healthy behaviors into your lifestyle, achieve results and connect with other members and staff at the Y along your journey.

Learn the value and methods of balanced meal-planning as it relates to USDA Guidelines. You will be given the opportunity
to use a food journal and grow your knowledge about mindful eating around food labels, ingredients, and estimating portions.

Program Cost $165