Life Camp

Navon Cooper, 16, of Philadelphia, was a camper for three years before becoming a counselor-in-training in 2018. Here’s what she said about her camp experience and its impact on her life.

Conquering Fears
“I overcame my fear of heights at camp because we went on the zip line. My friends and counselors were encouraging me. I could never see myself doing that on my own.”

Being Herself
“You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not [at camp] and it’s fun.”

“I like being away from technology. Since everyone doesn’t have their phones, they’re experiencing something else…it gives the opportunity to connect and make friends.”

Making Friends
“I still keep in touch with people…Camp brings you more friends, even from far away.”

Learning New Skills
“I know how to connect with people more, because usually I wouldn’t have anything [in common] to talk about.”

Going Back To Camp
“I love camp because once you return, you see familiar faces, you get to remember the memories you made, you get to re-connect with friends, and it’s great.”


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