YAchievers Support Campaign

Support Our Next Leaders Through YAchievers

Connecting black and brown youth with mentors and tools they need to be successful

Consider giving to the YAchievers program to help send these Achievers on college tours, to get the technology support they need, and the transportation to soar. Because success is colorful.


Technology such as laptops and tablets used by the YAchievers for programming and education purposes. This will allow for the ability to carry devices as they are in professional settings, on tours, and meeting with their mentors.

Distance College Tour - $10,000

Tour through colleges outside of Western Pennsylvania to other colleges and universities to understand what the leading colleges across the state and outside of Pennsylvania are looking for in future students. A conversation with current students, profess

Transportation for Program Year - $5,000

With students not always on a bus route, or capable of receiving transportation, a chartered bus will be used to provide transportation to and from the Achievers sessions.

Catered Lunches for Program Year - $3,000

Held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, the YAchievers program will provide catered lunches to our scholars and Adult Achievers using locally owned small businesses, and black owned organizations.

Scholarship Award - $3,000

Money goes directly towards YAchievers award winning scholars based on excellence in achievement as voted on by the Adult Achievers and peers.

Marketing Campaign - $1,000

Growing the reach of the YAchievers program is crucial to future success. Money raised will be used to fund marketing and communication efforts to reach Adult Achievers who can help mentor these young students and set them on the path for success.

World of Work Tour - $500

Hands-on work experience to see how leading engineers, scientists, media, professionals, and artists are shaping and creating a stronger future for Pittsburgh.