YMCA Camp T. Frank Soles Dining Hall Project

Since 1955 YMCA Camp Soles has been serving children and families with camp experiences that are transformative for individuals and their relationships with friends and family.  Camp Soles was home to every camper as they swam in Lake Tris, triumphed over the climbing wall or sang by a campfire with friends.  The Walter and Virginia Shaw has been the centerpiece of camp where a hot meal and a hot shower clean the body and feed the soul.  More than a Dining Hall it is a unique gathering place where laughter erupts around every table, beauty is witnessed overlooking the lake from the porches and friendships are forged in every small moment spent together.  Our beloved Dining Hall is in desperate need of renovation to keep the tradition of Camp Soles alive and welcome new generations of campers into our family.

When completed the renovations of the Dining Hall will include:

  • Fully accessible bathrooms, showers and walkways to accommodate all campers regardless of mobility
  • New shower and changing areas providing more privacy for all campers
  • Updated water, sewage, electrical and heating functions to ensure the Dining Hall continues to be the centerpiece for generations to come
  • Private bathroom for the Medical Office for better health and sanitation
  • Additional sinks and toilets to accommodate our growing numbers

The renovations of the Dining Hall bathrooms will be the changes you will see, but the most dire need is that of the original plumbing which effects every person at camp.  In order to see this plan to completion, $185,000 is needed by Fall 2019 to start construction for the spring of 2020.  Please make an investment that:

  • Opens Camp Soles’ doors to every person
  • Preserves the legacy of a truly unique place in our camp and our hearts
  • Allows Camp Soles to serve generations to come