Deer Valley Environmental Education Fund


And Skills that will last a lifetime

The Deer Valley Education Fund provides enriching, hands-on environmental education to local students at no cost to the student, their family, or their school.

Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp

Located in southern Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp encompasses 700 plus acres immediately adjacent to Mt. Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania. The property is characterized by a 120 acre lake, multiple stands of forest, including an “old growth” stand and most importantly, immediate and intimate access to nature and all that it offers in this region.  The property has been serving camping audiences since 1957.

Environmental Education at Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp

Deer Valley seeks to expand its Environmental Education programs to area youth. With outstanding educational modules which meet PA state educational standards, special topic outdoor mini-classrooms (PODS) around camp and a beautiful, new state-of-the-art Environmental Education Center, Deer Valley is well-positioned to offer an array of exciting experiences to Somerset County elementary and middle school students. 

In this pursuit, Deer Valley has established the Deer Valley Educational Fund. This fund provides local schools with the money to pay for a day trip to Deer Valley, during which students will participate in Deer Valley’s Environmental Education Program centered on hands-on, inquiry-based science lessons. At no costs to local community schools, the Education Fund will cover all trip expenses:  transportation to Deer Valley, three classes tailored to the school curriculum, and a healthy lunch.

Deer Valley is committed to its outreach to local students and is seeking partnerships with local businesses in order to maintain and even expand this educational program in our local communities.

Deer Valley’s Environmental Education Program supports and expands school curriculum, allowing students to directly explore the natural world. Please consider donating to help impact the lives and the education of our local students. Your donation will allow students from Meyersdale, Rockwood, Salisbury and Turkeyfoot schools to participate in an invaluable Environmental Education experience at Deer Valley.


Although Deer Valley is located at the base of Mt. Davis, most of the schools we serve are from Pittsburgh and travel over two hours to experience our outdoor classroom. Deer Valley is dedicated to serving students from neighboring cities but is expanding its commitment to local students and communities.