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YMCA Y Achievers Program - Learn, Grow, Excel.

Y Achievers is a national academic achievement and career development initiative of the YMCA of the USA purposed to help teens set and pursue high educational and career goals, resulting in graduation and acceptance to an institution of higher learning.

The Pittsburgh chapter of Y Achievers intentionally introduces teens in grades 7-12 to professionals who guide them through experiences - ranging from civic engagement, community service projects, and academic support - that ready them for life after high school, In Y Achievers, students make new friends, learn healthy lifestyle choices, and prepare for their future.

Program Objectives:

  • Expose youth to career and college knowledge through the lens of professionals who look like them. We believe that children cannot aspire to be what they cannot see.
  • Help youth develop individual talents, a positive sense of self, and leadership ability.
  • Motivate participants to raise academic performance, succeed in school, and gain marketable skills.

Adult Achiever Opportunities
Adult mentorship is by far the biggest asset of Y Achievers. Adult Achievers provide an invaluable connection between the corporate world and the local community by developing and conducting programming that allows participants to become linked to education, business and industry.

Career Cluster Leader (9th – 12th Grades Only)
Assist in the design and implementation of workshops and projects related to specific careers of interest or expertise.

Adult Achiever Program Leader
Lead the implementation of workshops and other activities geared toward helping programs participants improve their knowledge of the college-going process, personal/professional etiquette, public speaking and other topics within the five programmatic thrusts. Assist in the design and implementation of workshops and projects related to specific careers of interest or expertise. This is a yearlong in school (weekday) program commitment October-May. (At least once per month)

Guest Speaker
Share your professional journey and life’s passions by serving as a guest speaker for the middle school or high school program. This is a one-time volunteer engagement.

Why We Need Y Achievers
Research shows that teens are more motivated to success academically when encouraged and guided by adults. The Y Achievers program addresses these issues by pairing students with successful role models and providing academic and career-related mentoring and support services.

Corporate Opportunities
Is your company looking for ways to give back? Y Achievers is the perfect program for them. However your company is willing to lend support, the Y Achievers program has an opportunity for them.


For more information regarding the program, please contact

Jose A. Diaz, MSW

Director, Hope For All & Y Achievers


[email protected]


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