With the social distancing required for the safety of our members, we are asking that everyone register for their swim times or lounge times in both the indoor and outdoor pools. Please keep reservations to once per day.

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M-TH (Lap swim indoors from 6:00am-6:45pm) (Open Swim outdoors 11:00am-1:15pm, 1:45pm-4:00pm, 4:30pm-6:45pm)

Fri:  (Lap swim indoors from 6:00am-4:45pm)  (Open Swim outdoors 11:00am-12:30pm, 1:00pm-2:30pm, 3:00pm-4:45pm)

Sat:  (Lap swim indoors from 8:00am-1:45pm)  (Open Swim outdoors 11:00am-12:15pm and 12:30pm-1:45pm)


M-TH (Lap swim outdoors from 7:00am-9:20am) (Open Swim outdoors 12:00pm-1:50pm, 2:15pm-4:05pm, 4:30pm-6:20pm)

Fri:  (Lap swim outdoors from 7:00am-9:20am)   (Open Swim outdoors 12:00pm-1:50pm and 2:15pm-4:05pm)

Sat:  (Open swim outdoors from 11:00am-12:50pm, 1:15pm-3:05pm and 3:30pm-5:20pm) (July 4th schedule is modified)


M-F (Lap swim indoor lap pool from 7:00am-10:45am)  (Open swim indoor splash pool from 12:00pm-2:45pm)

Sat (Lap swim indoor lap pool from 8:00am-10:45am)  (Open swim indoor splash pool from 11:00am-1:45pm)  (July 4th schedule is modified)

Member Lap Swim Registration

  • Reservations OPEN 36 hours in advance
  • Reservations CLOSE 1 hour in advance
  • Your reserved spot is valid for yourself and one additional member living within your household. Lanes can be used for continuous lap swimming or independent water exercise.   

Member Open Swim Registration

  • Reservations OPEN 36 hours in advance
  • Reservations CLOSE 1 hour in advance
  • Your reserved spot is valid for your family unit living in the same household. 

There are two ways to sign up for pool time. These include through Daxko Mobile and through the Website.

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Just because your child can't dive-in doesn't mean they can't work on their technique to help them advance and stay safe around water. See below for a list of homework based on swim level.

Besides being great exercise and a challenging sport, swimming is a life skill. The Y offers swim lessons of all kinds for all ages—family swim, competitive swim teams, and many types of adaptive-swim programs for kids and adults with special needs. We want everybody to be safe while they enjoy the pleasures of being around and in the water.

Swim Lessons

The Y is "America’s Swim Instructor" and the most accessible community resource to prevent drowning and encourage a lifelong enjoyment of swimming.

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Swim Team

Being part of a YMCA swim team is a great way to master swimming techniques and learn how to compete.

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Drop-In Swim

Come drop-in for a swim at the YMCA. You’ll feel great. Click location below to explore your pool schedule.

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Outdoor Pools

When it’s hot outside, there’s no place cooler than the pool at the Y. Outdoor Pools are available at the following locations. Explore your branch amenities below.

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